Daimler Valuation (EUR 45.45) – BUY

At EUR 45.45, Daimler shares are currently valued at 9.6x prospective 2013E earnings and 7.7x prospective 2014E earnings; the latter is at a 27% discount to the 5-year average historic valuation of 10.5x and at a 14% discount to the 10-year low historic valuation of 8.9x. This is inconsistent with the implication that our estimates for 2014E EPS (EUR 5.91) are 44% above the 5-year average of EUR 4.11 and 63% above the 10-year average of EUR 3.62.

A valuation in line with the 5-year average historic valuation of 10.5x implies a share price of EUR 61.90 at year-end 2014E and time-discounted (yield of 10-year Bund) a target price of EUR 60.91 at year-end 2013E, which is 34% above the current share price. (See our latest company report ‘Daimler: 4Q/FY12A operational results in line. 2013 set to be yet another ‘year of transition’ of February 11th.)

021113 CGI Daimler Valuation