BMW 4Q/FY09 preliminary results

The current BMW share price of EUR 32.19 is 11% down from its 2009 peak of EUR 36.14 (October 23rd) and up 12% from a 2010-low of EUR 28.75 (on February 15th). This values BMW shares at 11.4x 2011E earnings, which is at a 17% premium to the 5-year average pre-crisis historic valuation of 9.8x. This is inconsistent with the implication that our 2011E EPS (EUR 2.85) are 40.5% below 2007’s EUR 4.78 and 23.9% below the pre-crisis 5-year average of EUR 3.74.

031210 CGI BMW prel 4Q-FY09 results